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911 Dispatch Documents
E-911 Ordinance 350.3

Administrative Code
Administrative Code (revised June 2014)

Animal Control Documents
Animal Control Ordinance 840.1

Board Appointment Orders
Park Board Appointments
Search and Rescue Squad Board Appointments
Tourist Commission Appointments
Water District Board Appointments
Eagle-Sawyer Fire District Board Appointments
West McCreary Fire District Board Apppointments

Centennial (1912-2012) Documents
Resolution 120312-1 (commemorating McCreary County's
Centennial on March 12th and encouraging all citizens
to celebrate the county's rich history and heritage)

County Employment
County Employment Application
County Employment Waiver

Economic Development Documents
Resolution 120312-2 (Economic Development Advisory Council)

Economic Development Advisory Council By-Laws

EMS (Emergency Medical Service/Ambulance)
EMS Rate Schedule (adopted February 2013)

Emergency Management
Ordinance creating office of Emergemncy Management

2012-2013 Crisis Management Plan
Flood Damage Prevention Plan Ordinance

Inmate Detention/Jail Documents
KY Dept of Corrections Order to Close Jail (December 2012)
Executive Order on Inmate Transportation (June 2013)

Occupational Tax Information
Visit the Occupational Tax Webpage for Documents

Property Tax Information
2014 McCreary County Property Tax Table

Road Department Documents
McCreary County Road Name Change Order (December 2013)
McCreary County "Speed Hump" Guidelines and Application

Search & Rescue Squad
By Laws (updated December 2013)
Board of Directors Appointments

Solid Waste/Recycling Documents
Solid Waste Plan (2013-2017) Notice & Resolution
Five Year Solid Waste Management (2013-2017)
Solid Waste Ordinance 830.3
Solid Waste Ordinance 830.4
Solid Waste (109) Board By-Laws
Solid Waste Franchise Agreement (2012)

Tourist Commission
Tourist Commission 2014-2015 Budget
Tourist Commission Ordinance 150.2
Tourist Commission By-Laws
Tourist Commission Member Appointments
Transient Tax Monthly Return Form

Trail Town Documents
McCreary County Trail Town Resolution
Trail Town Action Plan
Trail Town Action Plan (Stearns)
Trail Town Assessment (Stearns Walking Tour)

Other County Documents:

June 2014 GED Month in McCreary County (Proclamation)

April 2013 Proclaimed Spring Cleanup Month

Electrical Inspections Order (McCreary County)

Board/Committee Realignment Order (March 2012)

Resolution 120329-1 (Recreational Trails Program Grant)

Resolution 120409-1 (Land & Water Conservation Fund Grant)

Ban of Synthetic Cannabinoids aka Synthetic Marijuana

Operation UNITE Resolution 130305-1 (March 2013)

Proclamation Honoring McCreary Middle School Cheerleaders
(National Winners in Cheer Ltd. Competition)


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